Papers - SE Wissenschaftliches Hauptprogramm

José Miguel Rojas, Thomas White, Benjamin Clegg and Gordon Fraser.
Code Defenders: Crowdsourcing Effective Tests and Subtle Mutants with a Mutation Testing Game

Marcel Böhme, Ezekiel Soremekun, Sudipta Chattopadhyay, Emamurho Ugherughe and Andreas Zeller.
Where Is the Bug and How Is It Fixed? An Experiment with Practitioners

Leonid Glanz, Sven Amann, Michael Eichberg, Michael Reif and Mira Mezini.
CodeMatch: Obfuscation Won’t Conceal Your Repackaged App

Björn Mathis, Vitalii Avdiienko, Ezekiel Soremekun, Marcel Böhme and Andreas Zeller.
Detecting Information Flow by Mutating Input Data

Regina Hebig, Djamel Eddine Khelladi and Reda Bendraou.
Approaches to Co-Evolution of Metamodels and Models: A Survey

Dirk Riehle, Maximilian Capraro, Detlef Kips and Lars Horn.
Inner Source in Platform-Based Product Engineering

Christos Tsigkanos, Timo Kehrer and Carlo Ghezzi.
Modeling and Verification of Evolving Cyber-Physical Spaces

Sven Peldszus, Géza Kulcsár, Malte Lochau and Sandro Schulze.
On Continuous Detection of Design Flaws in Evolving Object-Oriented Programs using Incremental Multi-Pattern Matching

Hamed Shariat Yazdi, Lefteris Angelis, Timo Kehrer and Udo Kelter.
A framework for capturing, statistically modeling and analyzing the evolution of software models

Marco Kuhrmann, Philipp Diebold, Juergen Muench, Paolo Tell, Vahid Garousi, Michael Felderer, Kitija Trektere, Fergal Mc Caffery, Oliver Linssen, Eckhart Hanser and Christian Prause.
Hybrid Software and System Development in Practice: Waterfall, Scrum, and Beyond

Rashidah Kasauli, Grischa Liebel, Eric Knauss, Swathi Gopakumar and Benjamin Kanagwa.
Requirements Engineering Challenges in Large-Scale Agile System Development

Janet Siegmund, Norman Peitek, Chris Parnin, Sven Apel, Johannes Hofmeister, Christian Kästner, Andrew Begel, Anja Bethmann and André Brechmann.
Measuring Neural Efficiency of Program Comprehension

Arne Johanson and Wilhelm Hasselbring.
Empirical Evaluation of a domain-specific language for high-performance marine ecosystem simulation

Axel Busch and Anne Koziolek.
Considering Not-quantified Quality Attributes in an Automated Design Space Exploration

Michael Reif, Michael Eichberg and Mira Mezini.
Call Graph Construction for Java Libraries

Alexander Knüppel, Thomas Thüm, Stephan Mennicke, Jens Meinicke and Ina Schaefer.
Is There a Mismatch between Real-world Feature Models and Product-line Research?

Vincent Bertram, Shahar Maoz, Jan Oliver Ringert, Bernhard Rumpe and Michael von Wenckstern.
Component and Connector Views in Practice: An Experience Report

Franz Zieris and Lutz Prechelt.
Observations on Knowledge Transfer of Professional Software Developers during Pair Programming

Thorsten Berger, Markus Voelter, Hans Peter Jensen, Taweesap Dangprasert and Janet Siegmund.
Efficiency of Projectional Editing

Birgit Vogel-Heuser, Juliane Fischer, Stefan Feldmann, Sebastian Ulewicz and Susanne Rösch.
Modularity and architecture of PLC-based software for automated production Systems: An analysis in industrial companies

Helge Spieker, Arnaud Gotlieb, Dusica Marijan and Morten Mossige.
Reinforcement Learning for Automatic Test Case Prioritization and Selection in Continuous Integration

Gabriele Taentzer, Rick Salay, Daniel Strüber and Marsha Chechik.
Transformations of Software Product Lines: A Generalizing Framework based on Category Theory

Daniel Strüber, Vlad Acretoaie and Jennifer Plöger.
Model Clone Detection for Rule-Based Model Transformation Languages

Benjamin Behringer, Jochen Palz and Thorsten Berger.
PEoPL: Projectional Editing of Product Lines

Lutz Prechelt, Holger Schmeisky and Franz Zieris.
Quality Experience: A Grounded Theory of Successful Agile Projects Without Dedicated Testers

Teerat Pitakrat, Dušan Okanović, André van Hoorn and Lars Grunske.
Architecture-aware Online Failure Prediction for Distributed Software Systems

Kiana Busch, Robert Heinrich, Axel Busch and Ralf Reussner.
Architecture-based Change Impact Analysis in Information Systems and Business Processes

Mazen Mohamad, Grischa Liebel and Eric Knauss.
LoCo CoCo: Automatically Constructing Coordination and Communication Networks from Model-Based Systems Engineering Data

Joel Greenyer and Timo Gutjahr.
Symbolic Execution for Realizability-Checking of Scenario-based Specifications

Philipp Hohl, Javad Ghofrani, Juergen Muench, Michael Stupperich and Kurt Schneider.
Searching for Common Ground: Existing Literature on Automotive Agile Software Product Lines

Zoltan Mann and Andreas Metzger.
Optimized Cloud Deployment of Multi-tenant Software Considering Data Protection Concerns

Alexander Egyed, Andreas Demuth, Roland Kretschmer, Davy Maes, Georgio Kanakis and Michael Tröls.
Introducing Traceability and Consistency Checking for Change Impact Analysis across Engineering Tools in an Automation Solution Company

Fabian Fagerholm, Marco Kuhrmann and Juergen Muench.
Guidelines for using empirical studies in software engineering education

Andreas Metzger and Philipp Bohn.
Predictive Business Process Monitoring unter Berücksichtigung von Genauigkeit und Risiko

Bastian Tenbergen, Thorsten Weyer and Klaus Pohl.
Hazard Relation Diagrams: a diagrammatic representation to increase validation objectivity of requirements-based hazard mitigations

Roland Kluge, Michael Stein, Gergely Varró, Andy Schürr, Matthias Hollick and Max Mühlhäuser.
A systematic approach to constructing families of incremental topology control algorithms using graph transformation

Qusai Ramadan, Mattia Salnitri, Daniel Strüber, Jan Jürjens and Paolo Giorgini.
From Secure Business Process Modeling to Design-Level Security Verification