Papers - "Erklärbare Software"

Regina Hebig.
UI-Tracer: A Lightweight Approach to Help Developers Tracing User Interface Elements to Source Code

Daniel Braun and Florian Matthes.
Generating Explanations for Algorithmic Decisions of Usage-Based Insurances using Natural Language Generation

Jonas Winkler and Andreas Vogelsang.
"What Does My Classifier Learn?" A Visual Approach to Understanding Natural Language Text Classifiers

Eric Bodden and Lisa Nguyen Quang Do.
Explainable Static Analysis

Julia Padberg, Alexander Schlaefer and Sibylle Schupp.
Ein Ansatz zur nachvollziehbaren Verifikation medizinisch-cyber-physikalischer Systeme

Kurt Schneider.
Erklärungen (nur) nach Bedarf

Verena Klös, Thomas Göthel and Sabine Glesner.
Comprehensible Decisions in Complex Self-Adaptive Systems

Patrick Holl, Elena Scepankova and Florian Matthes.
Smart Contract based API usage tracking on the Ethereum Blockchain

Florian Auer and Michael Felderer.
Shifting Quality Assurance of Machine Learning Algorithms to Live Systems